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E 1
Narrative therapy and community work : a conference collection / Dulwich Centre Publications
1999 ISBN 0958667888
Stories about loss of Aboriginal family members, understanding illness, developing relationships, Filipina domestic violence survivors, Vietnamese adopted children, the state care system, gay and lesbian ‘coming out’, harassment and violence at school, spirituality and counselling, troubles in therapy networks, drug abuse, women’s mental health issues, family therapy, HIV discrimination, and Jewish heritage all with caring as a common theme.

E 2
Working more creatively with groups / Jarlath F Benson
1997 ISBN 0415075874
Looks at planning and leading the group successfully, intervening skilfully, allowing the various group experiences to occur, and recognising the natural rhythms of collective interaction.

E 3
Talking it out : a guide to groups for abused women / Ginny NiCarty, Karen Merriam and Sandra Coffman
1984 ISBN 0931188245
Counsellors can be more effective in working with women in abusive relationships when the needs of women of colour, disabled women, recovering alcoholics, teenagers, religious women and lesbians are addressed.

E 4
Read me a story : parents, teachers and children as partners in literacy learning / Julie Spreadbury
1995 ISBN 0947277544
Practical suggestions are offered for parents and teachers to work together with children to foster not only literacy and learning but also a genuine love of books.

E 5
Bridging cultures / Anne Campbell
1995 ISBN 0858894599
Eight fictional stories about interacting with those from a different cultural background.

E 6
Group processes / an introduction to group dynamics / Joseph Luft
1984 3rd edition ISBN 0874845424
Explores basic issues and dilemmas fundamental to all groups, such as group development, leadership, communication, group effectiveness, and conflict.

E 7
Making groups work : rethinking practice / Joan Benjamin, Judith Bessant and Rob Watts
1997 ISBN 1864483040
Some of the key issues in group work are outlined: the role of groups and the history of group work, group politics, and how groups can help promote social change.

E 8
The skills of helping individuals, families and groups / Lawrence Shulman
1992 Third edition ISBN 0875813631
Defines the practice of social work, working with individuals, families and groups, and using the system.

E 9
100 ways to enhance self-concept in the classroom : a handbook for teachers, counselors, and group leaders/ Jack Canfield and Harold Clive Wells
1994 ISBN 0205154158
Contains self-esteem activities, suggestions for creating an open, caring environment, and promoting learning, as well as how to adapt activities to fit today’s culturally diverse classrooms.

E 10
Understanding multiculturalism and Australian identity / Andrew C Theophanous
1995 ISBN 1875335048
Multiculturalism has much in common with fundamental elements of the more traditional Australian identity of fairness and equality. It promotes respect for cultural diversity and unifying principles, social justice, universal values of humanity. Contemporary issues of access and equity policies, role of education and national language policy, role of the media and the arts, the relationship between multiculturalism and foreign policy, and the possibility of embedding the principles of multiculturalism and social justice into law.

E 11
Who, me lead a group? / Jean Illsley Clarke
1984 ISBN 0866837248
Preparing to lead informal groups, support groups, adult learning groups, and planning groups and also organising meetings, is easier when the objectives, facilitation and closure are understood.

E 12
Democracy in small groups : participation, decision making and communication / John Gastil
1993 ISBN 0865712743
The full range of democratic processes including consensus, majority rule, proportional outcomes and leaderless democracy are surveyed to help readers choose the one most appropriate to their group.

E 13
Group techniques / Gerald Cory et al
1992 Second edition ISBN 0534162487
Leaders can learn how to develop and use different techniques in group work.

E 14
Managing people in changing times : coping with change in the workplace : a practical guide / Robert Burns
1993 ISBN 1863733566
Economic, social and technological changes in the business and industrial environment are leading to organisational changes, but managers and staff can cope with the psychological and emotional effects of stress, redundancy and relocation if provided with the skills.

E 15
The Family Court book / Family Court of Australia
1999 ISBN 0731152034
The services and procedures of the Family Court of Australia are outlined. Separation and divorce, dispute resolution services, services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and ethnic communities, matters affecting children, and financial matters including financial support are explained.

E 16
Working together : a practical guide to collaborative decision making / Bob Montgomery
1986 ISBN 0170067505
Collaborative decision making,-also known as industrial democracy or worker participation,-can help to increase job satisfaction, productivity, efficiency, motivation, reduce job stress, and improve industrial relations. Communication, anger management, conflict resolution, assertiveness, problem solving, evaluating decision making, and ideas for job redesign are outlined.

E 17
House working : the un-superperson’s guide to sharing the load / Hazel Edwards
1984 ISBN 0859242552
‘Houseworking’ tells humorously about changing family attitudes to housework.

E 18
Joining together : group theory and group skills / David W Johnson and Frank P Johnson 1987 3rd edition ISBN 0135104882
Group interaction can be promoted by understanding group dynamics, leadership, decision making, group goals and goal structures, communication within groups, controversy and creativity, conflicts of interest, and the use of power. Leading learning and discussion groups, leading growth and counselling groups, team building, and appreciating the psychological benefits of group membership are covered.

E 19
Guide to meetings :a handy reference manual for members of clubs and societies / Nick Renton
1990 Fifth edition ISBN 0455210047
Covers all aspects of meetings procedure including stages of a meeting, chairing a meeting, motions, amendments, procedural motions, points of order, voting methods, shareholders’ meetings, standing orders, and also agendas, minutes, and gender neutral language.

E 20
The only thing that matters : bringing the power of the customer into the centre of your business / Karl Albrecht
1993 ISBN 088730639X
Customer service now means that everyone in an organisation creates or adds value for the customer or someone serving the customer.

E 21
Moments of truth / Jan Carlzon
1987 ISBN 0063120976
The author explains how to set a strategy, how to restructure an organisation so customer needs take priority, how to motivate and communicate with “frontline” employees who deal most closely with customers, and how to become partners with the board of directors and the union.

E 22
Using groups to help people / Dorothy Stock Whitaker
1992 ISBN 0415042836
Clinical psychologists, social workers, psychiatrists, youth workers, psychiatric nurses and others who plan and conduct small groups should make decisions about the purpose of the group and set tasks, understand dynamics and resolve problems, and review outcomes.

E 23
Sexuality / Jeffrey Weeks
1986 ISBN 0415039541
The meaning and expression of human sexuality is influenced by social conditioning and is related to concerns about family, kinship and household organization.

E 24
Coping with violence : a guide for the human services / Vaughan Bowie
1989 ISBN 1875170014
This guide teaches practical, commonsense principles for the prevention and diffusion of violence against human service workers in a variety of institutional and community
based settings.

E 25
Community Work or Social Change / Rosamund Thorpe and Judy Petruchenia
1985 ISBN 0 7100 9986 X
Contributions from various writers illustrating a range of different approaches to community work and social action.

E 26 (also SD 73)
Listen to me, listen to you / Anne Kotzman
1989 ISBN 0140122184
Practical ideas and skills to help improve self-esteem and communication are offered.

E 27
The Internet for women / Rye Senjen and Jane Guthrey
1996 ISBN 1875559523
The role of gender, anonymity, privacy, and security issues for women using the Internet are examined. Tools for information searching are discussed.. Services as e-mail, electronic conferencing, bulletin boards and how to get connected (access, cost, hardware needed, modems and setting up an account with a provider) are explained.

E 28
The rough guide to the internet / Angus J. Kennedy
2000 ISBN 1 85828 551 8
Step-by-step instructions on everything you’ll need to know from choosing an Internet provider to building your own Web site.

E 29
Microsoft office 97 for windows for dummies/ Wallace Wang and Roger C. Parker
1988 ISBN 0 7645 0050 3

E 30
The Language of Choice Theory / W. &C. Glasser
1988 ISBN 0 06 095323 3
Through examples, the principles of choice theory come alive.

E 31
How to Use the Internet / Women Tasmania
1988 ISBN 0 72464906 9
An information booklet for women.

E 32
Put it in Writing / Margaret White
2000 ISBN 0947277625
Contains 120 well-considered , cool and commanding letters, written by a lawyer, that are designed to get the response that you want.

E 33
Organizing and Participating in Meetings/ Judith Leigh
2002 ISBN 0198666284
Includes how to: get the most out of meetings; take minutes, prepare and present papers, set agendas; take part in telephone, video and online conferences.

E 34
Using the Internet Smarter and Faster/ Brooke Broadbe
2000 ISBN 0 7494 3324 8
A guide on how to surf the net and build up skills.

E 35
Best answers to the 201 most frequently asked interview questions/ Matthew DeLuca
1995 ISBN 0 07 016357 X
A hands on approach that focuses on the dynamics of the interview.

E 36
Finding your Voice/ Mary Atkins
2002 ISBN 0 73440667 3
A comprehensive step-by-step approach to learn how to become an effective speaker, covering a range of public speaking challenges.

E 37
Before a Presentation / Patrick Forsyth
1996 ISBN 0 7494 2359 5
Aims to help to prepare quickly and easily, and to deliver a better presentation

Collaborative Conflict Management / Robyn Claremont and Louise Davies
2002 ISBN 1 86302 832 3
The processes in this book can be applied widely: in the workplace, in organisations, in a range of community groups, both formal and informal, even in family business and succession planning.

E 39
Body Language/Susan Quilliam
1995 ISBN 1 84442 675 0
Actions speak louder than words! This book will show the reader how to use and understand body language to help achieve greater professional and social success.

E 40
The Little Red Yellow Black Book: An Introduction to Indigenous Australia / AIATSIS with Bruce Pascoe
2008 ISBN 0-85575-615-2
This book is the perfect starting point for those who want to know about Australia’s rich Indigenous cultures, but don’t know where to begin.

E 41
Identifying and Avoiding Abusive and Violent Relationships – Years 11-12 Education Resource Pack.
Australian Government
This Education Resource (with DVD) is designed as a preventative education tool to communicate directly with young people so they may identify and avoid abusive and violent relationships.

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